Ascendi O&M, S.A. (hereinafter "Ascendi") meets a set of measures towards the protection of the user’s privacy online area and its features available as well, creating for this purpose this Privacy Policy.

Visiting this website, by itself, doesn’t entail any automatic registration of any personal data that may identify the online user. However, Ascendi may provide the access to a range of features available through the website against prior registration, which implies making available personal data.

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection and processing of personal data provided by the website users, as well as their rights exercise with respect to this data, in accordance with the legislation personal data protection in force.

This website may contain links to other websites and services of other companies as well, with their own privacy policies. We recommend a careful reading of these third party privacy policies. Ascendi is not responsible for the data processing made by third parties whose control does not depend on the user.


Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Ascendi is responsible for the collection and processing of user’s personal data.

The collected personal data will be processed and stored by Ascendi or other subcontractor entities and are intended to allow the toll rates payment through the website. The data collected during the user identification process have the sole purpose to clearly identify the latter as the owner of the data to be consulted, without the possibility to be processed for any other purpose.

The collected data categories depend on its feature used, as described below:

  • Consultation and payment of travel and/or collection documents: Car plate registration, Name, Tax country, VAT no./Driving license, Address, Zip code, City, Country and Email;
  • Payment of billing documents: Document No., Client no., Name, Tax country, VAT No./ Driving License, Address, Zip Code, City, Country and Email;
  • Driver infringe identification: Full Name, Tax Country, VAT no./Driving license, Full Address, Zip Code, City and Country.

Ascendi is acting as a subcontractor of the concessionaires and sub-concessionaires whose tolls are payable through this website, namely as regards the collection and processing of user’s personal data.

With respect to the latter, Ascendi makes available on the Website the forms of payment of toll charges and administrative costs in the name and on behalf of the concessionaires and subcontractors, acting in accordance with the instructions thereof.

Ascendi confirms the collected data was inserted by the data subject with his authorization regarding the data insertion, being the latter true, current and accurate.

Please note that we will only process your data for the purposes for which it were collected, according to this Privacy Policy.


Data Transfer

Ascendi may communicate personal data of the data subject to third parties, provided that it has obtained the consent from the data subject for this purpose, or even when:

1. The transmission of relevant information is made within the scope of a legal obligation accomplishment, a National Data Protection Commission resolution or a judicial order; and

2. The communication is carried out to protect user’s pivotal interests or any other legitimate purpose provided by law.

Ascendi may subcontract other entities for services rendered in order to allow the operation of internal processes and contract, tax or legal obligations.

In such cases, these entities may need to access in part or totally of your data. Ascendi guarantees, in such cases, these entities will have limited access to information, being restricted the access to the data considered necessary for the execution of the agreed tasks and that all issues related to the protection of personal data are regulated in a contract between the parties, in which these third parties undertake not to disclose in any way the data nor to use them for purposes other than the provision of the agreed services.

The collected personal data may be assigned, for the same purposes, to concessionaires, sub-concessionaires or any road infrastructure operator for which Ascendi provides toll collection services.

The transmission of personal data as described in this Privacy Policy doesn’t include the international transfer of personal data to countries outside the European Union.


Storage and Maintenance

The collected personal data referring to the data subject will be kept in a way that allows them to be identified and for a maximum period of 3 years, after which they will be definitively eliminated.

Data regarding payments and/or driver infringe identification will be collected and kept for the established legal deadlines and for a maximum period of 10 years, after which they will be definitively eliminated.

Credit card details provided on the Website in order to be concluded a payment is collected directly by SIBS and is not stored or retained by Ascendi. Nevertheless, the Website is protected by encryption through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol by a certificate verified by Digicert.

Ascendi collects your personal data on systems that are in a secure environment, protected from unauthorized access or misuse. We take technical, electronic and organizational measures to ensure the security of your data and to prevent its loss, misuse or improper access.

The systems and its repositories that process and store their data are the liability of Ascendi and are located in countries of the European Union.


Rights of the Personal Data Subjects

In accordance with the law, to the user is guaranteed the right to access, update and correct his/her personal data, as well as the right to oppose the treatment of said data, by means of a written request through a concrete form available on the Ascendi website:

If you consider the processing of your personal data by Ascendi violates the applicable data protection legislation, you may contact the Data Protection Officer by sending a letter addressed to: Apartado 5026 4455-586 Perafita Matosinhos or submit a complaint to the National Commission Data Protection, using the contacts made available by this entity towards this purpose.


Security Measures

Ascendi makes its best effort in order to protect the user’s personal data against unauthorized access through the Internet. For this purpose, it is used security systems, rules and other procedures to ensure the protection of user’s personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to the data, its improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.

However, it’s from the user’s responsibility to ensure and assure the computer in use is properly protected from harmful software, computer viruses and worms. In addition, you should be aware that without the adoption of appropriate security measures (for example, safe configuration of the browsing program, updated antivirus software, security barrier software and non-use of software from suspect origin), the risk of personal data and passwords being accessed by third parties, without authorization to do so, is increased.

It should be noted whenever data collection is taking place on open networks, such as the Internet, your data may circulate unsafe, with the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.


Use of Cookies

Cookies are datasets exchanged between the browser and the page server, stored in an archive (file) created on the user's computer, with the essential function of maintaining session persistence and being fundamental for the determination of user preferences.

The stored data is not used by Ascendi to track personal information, namely to connect the IP address to the computer user's identity, or any other purpose rather than the ones mentioned in the above paragraph.

In compliance with Law 41/2004, of 18 August and Law 46/2012 of 29 August, the web page may only collect data with the sole purpose of transmitting a communication through an electronic communications network and being strictly necessary to provide an information service expressly requested by the user. For that matter, Ascendi commits to the use of Cookies storage solely for the purposes stated above.

Most browsers allow you to control the Cookies stored on your device, as well as their immediate elimination if the user wants to stop allowing local storage of Cookies. You can change your browser settings to avoid cookies or notify each time a cookie is set or changed.

Only functional cookies are used on the web page.

These Cookies are necessary to enable site navigation and to maintain some of the basic preferences of the user, namely regarding language preferences to access our site.

These cookies are managed by Ascendi and are described below:

Session identification and support:

  • JSESSIONID: This cookie is a session identifier provided by the server;
  • LFR_SESSION_STATE_: Checks the status of the navigation to allow using the browser's next/ back button.

Identification of the language:

  • GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID: Cookie used to store the user's preferred language ID;
  • COOKIE_SUPPORT: Cookies used for session identification. They serve the purpose of smoothing navigation through the website, as well as storing the user’s selected preferences (e.g. the navigation language) during navigation.


Privacy Policy Alterations

Ascendi reserves the right to alter the Privacy Policy in accordance with new legal and/or regulatory requirements, for security reasons or for the purpose of adapting the said policy to the control authority’s instructions regarding data protection.

Any alteration will be immediately posted on this webpage, and we encourage our customers to check from time to time our Privacy Policy so they are up-to-date on how Ascendi protects your information.

If the Privacy Policy alteration has a direct impact on the data subject's consent(s), Ascendi undertakes to request consent to the processing of your data in accordance with the new Privacy Policy.

If there’s any question or concern about how Ascendi processes your personal data, please send us your request for clarification through a proper form on our Ascendi Website:


Last update: 2nd January of 2019